Valentine’s Day Special

IMG_1617 (682x1024)Is it ice cream? Is it cake?  No, it’s super-cupcake!  I have a dear friend, Cathy, who is a wonderful cook and an imaginative baker.  She called me and said, “Come over and watch while I prepare a surprise treat for my daughter’s birthday party.  You should blog this!”.  And who am I to refuse someone else doing the work and spending a morning with my friend?

So today I have given her a guest post to share her cupcake-cone treat with you. These would look fun on a table for birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, book clubs…..

Pick your favourite cupcake recipe.  If you use cupcake paper liners, remove them before assembling this project.

IMG_1596 (1024x742)Look at that, I didn’t know that you could buy colourful cones.  A dozen cupcake cones were the plan for today.

IMG_1607 (1024x842)Here is an optional step.  Fill the cones with jelly beans, candies, whatever treat that fits.  Perhaps a little folded note can be hidden inside with good wishes, a kind thought or congratulations.

tiledCathy used store-bought icing and placed it into a piping bag to create a rim of ‘glue’ to hold the cupcake on the top of the cone.

IMG_1610 (1024x722)Here is what the interim cupcake cone looks like before the ‘ice cream’ icing is smeared on.

IMG_1613 (854x1024)Betty Crocker whipped white icing was used to speed up the process.  Of course, use a homemade favourite recipe if you prefer.

IMG_1619 (1024x616)So now your job is to shape the icing over the cupcake to make it look like ice cream. Right down to the drips on the cone.

IMG_1614 (683x1024)Cathy finds all these fun products.  She used a food colour spray to tint the ice cream icing pink.

IMG_1616 (999x1024)Final touch, a chocolate ‘kiss’ on each cone and voilà, your dessert is finished.  The final product is all up to your imagination.  Happy birthday, Mira!

IMG_1624 (1024x807)Now who wants to lick the bowl?

IMG_1625 (1024x682)



  1. beryl ben-reuven · · Reply

    mmmmmm./ yum

  2. Marcia Cantor · · Reply

    These are adorable. Cathy is the BEST and most IMAGINATIVE baker around!!! Adorable…however, I will order them!

  3. How fun. I might try for a treat for my kids and their friends. Thanks!

  4. Ellen Gelman · · Reply

    I love these pretty pink treats that Cathy made. Filling the cone with candies is an added bonus.
    Can hardly wait to make these !

  5. Frances harris · · Reply

    Very imaginative. Happy birthday Mira!

  6. Dave Martin · · Reply

    Mmmm! Cupcakes. My favorite is to spray whipped cream on a donut.

    1. Interesting!! Guess you can bring dessert next time you’re invited over!

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