Fed Up – the movie

Fed_UpLucky for me, last Thursday evening, I won free tickets from the Food Bloggers of Canada, to the Ottawa premiere of Fed Up. Not only do I love watching documentaries but anything food-related is a bonus. This documentary focuses on the food industry, especially fast food, the big takeout food chains and prepared foods with aggressive advertising.  One of its major health detriments is obesity, especially childhood obesity;  it’s an addictive relationship of sugar, in all of its many forms, whether it be refined white sugar, corn fructose, or honey, for example.

This documentary is an eye opener to the effects of easily  obtainable foods but really, what is the advantage, especially to your health…I was ready to come home and check every can and jar of food in my fridge and pantry.  But again, lucky for me, I like to cook from scratch.  I have control over any additives, including sweetness. And great aromas in my kitchen!

See this movie!







  1. Lesley · · Reply

    I hope you will continue to review foodie movies. This one sounds a lot like Mark Bittman in his book, VB6, which has inspired me to cook more at home – simple things like your lentil recipe. I am so glad you blog your great recipes.

    1. As new movies come out, I will be pleased to review…who knows, maybe even some older flicks!

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