Red Lentils with Vegetables Smothered in Almond Butter Sauce

IMG_1394 (1024x766)Lately I have been incorporating more chickpeas and lentils into my diet.  There is such a variety of meatless options to choose from.  And when I use Indian or Thai spices, I don’t miss meat — it’s the spices that keeps my senses satisfied!

I discovered this Red Lentil & Nut Butter Sauce Recipe recently on a yummy blog called Vegan Richa; I have tried a couple of the recipes so far and hope to try a lot more. Richa already has a book out called Indian Kitchen and I hope to  take a close look at that book for even more menu ideas.

Don’t let the long list of sauce ingredients scare you away. My version of the recipe altered the original list slightly:

  • I prefer the taste of almond butter over peanut butter but any nut butter will do.
  • Reduce the amount of sriracha or hot sauce if you don’t like spicy.  One teaspoon would do.
  • The choice of vegetables can be altered to suit your tastes and you can work with whatever you have in your fridge.  I used red onions, carrots, bok choy, spinach and peas.

The sauce can be prepared a day in advance if necessary.

I  love the colour of the final dish — a beautiful pale orange, from a combination of the red lentils, almond butter and sriracha hot sauce, made creamier by the addition of coconut milk.  I topped my curry with crispy onions that gave the final dish another dimension of texture.  A treat to the palate.  Enjoy!

IMG_1392 (1024x771)

Here is the link to the original recipe:  Veggies and Lentils in Peanut Sauce.   So tasty.  Can’t wait to try more recipes from Vegan Richa.



  1. France's harris · · Reply

    Sounds like a healthy and tasty vegetarian dish

    1. I am really enjoying the addition of more vegetarian dishes in my day-to-day meals.

  2. looks amazing!! so glad you love it!

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