Looking Back – My Top Five Posts of 2015

WordPress, who hosts my blog, as a courtesy, sent me a year-end summary of my most visited posts in 2015 and I wanted to share them with you. Although 2015 has been a successful year and I have tried recipes in different directions, what surprised me most is that the top 3 articles of last year were first posted in 2013 and the last 2 were posted in 2014!

1. Amlou — Almond Butter, Moroccan-Style

This recipe has been the top viewed of all times since I started the blog three years ago.  I am still surprised by its draw.  However, I will accept this information and look at comparable recipes, such as other homemade nut butters that would be fun to make also.

Amlou8 (800x642)

2. Mujedrah, Mejadra, Megadarra……

I understand why this meal is popular, healthy and vegan — brown rice and lentils…loads of caramelized onions.  I make this regularly and it freezes well too.


3. Lentil Soup, a Lovely Soup

It is the Year of the Pulse — and you can’t go wrong with a pureed lentil soup.


4. Eggplant ‘Cheesecake’ – When a Cake is not a Cake

Ottolenghi recipes are still some of my all-time favourites.  I own all five of his cookbooks and this eggplant dish from Plenty More, with lots of creamy flavours is a winner — and a catchy title too!

IMG_2398 (1024x779)

5. Salmon in Chraimeh Sauce

Another Yotam Ottolenghi winner from Jerusalem.  I have made this countless times and always a hit.

salmon9 (800x598)

A pleasure sharing this post with you.  Hope you keep enjoying these recipes time and again.



  1. well, I have enjoyed 2 out of the 5 .Have to try the other three !

    1. let me guess — mujedrah and the salmon in chraimeh sauce?

      1. Yes!

  2. All of these look amazing…thanks for doing your 5 most popular…so many great recipes on your site to choose from…now I can focus on these 5 🙂

    1. Thank you for perusing my site! I hope you start with those ‘high five’ and work your way through the others 🙂

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