Spice Wife Survey 2016 Results

Thank you for loving Spice Wife! I am overwhelmed with the lovely comments of what you like about my blog.  Pictures, writing and the variety of recipes.  Wow, you like me!!

Most of you visited my site when I created a new post — half of you read a new post with a reminder by e-mail and half of you when I announced it on Facebook.

Thank goodness, my favourite posts to write and your favourite posts were similar.  The top five contenders are:

Vegetarian/vegan recipes

International foods

Slow cooking, one-pot dinner recipes

Main Course recipes

Side Dish/Appetizer recipes

The challenge will be to make more main course international one-pot vegetarian dinners.  That should incorporate all my favourites and yours.

I am so happy that most of you actually try to make the recipes.  However, I am here to entertain and amuse so if you read the stories and look at the photos, I am just as happy that you are visiting my blog.

What did the readers want to see more of?  Top five from most to least are:

  1. How to’s and kitchen tipsAlways my favourite too.  Cooking is a learning experience.  Please send along your ideas of what you would like to learn.
  2. Cooking VideosWhoa, me on camera?  I’m willing to give it a go.  It would to a challenge to create a short video on kitchen tips and how to’s.
  3. Unique ingredients and what to do with themAlways fun to try new ingredients.  I’m more than happy to share.  Any in particular that you would like to know about?
  4. Meal Plans –   I have used many of the recipes on my blog to create a meal.  More than happy to tell you about my experiences.
  5. Healthy eating tips and resourcesI will try to list resources more often and perhaps some nutritional information in the future.

Other suggestions were revamping of old recipes and more Italian along with the more common Italian spices of basil, fennel, oregano and anise.

In summary, there you have it.  I asked and you replied.  Constructive criticism, suggestions for future posts and new challenges to share with you.

If you have a suggestion for a particular ingredient or future post, please comment on this blog or send me a private e-mail at amatterofspice@gmail.com.

Happy day!









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