Lentil Sprouts


Who would have thought how simple it is to make your own lentil sprouts at home?  And not only simple, but a great source of added vitamins, digestibility and protein to any salad, sandwich, soup, or stew.  A wonderful source of information and recipes using lentils can be found on Lentils.org, the Canadian Lentil Board and on that site are the instructions on how to sprout lentils, and by clicking here.

I love having these lentil sprouts on hand, as they are all ready to go…no cooking…no more fussing.  All you need to start the process is a 1/2 cup of lentils; you can also choose to use brown, black or French Du Puy lentils.


The additional equipment you will need is a quart mason jar and a piece of cheesecloth or mesh to replace the jar lid.  This facilitates draining the water off the lentils during the next few days.

On Day 1, cover the lentils with water and let them sit overnight in the water to soak and hydrate.  Remember that the lentils are going to absorb a lot of the water and expand so don’t make a full cup of lentils unless you planning on using a lot.


The next day, drain the soaking water through the cheesecloth.  Rinse the lentils in cold water and drain again.  This process should be repeated twice a day.  Store the drained jar  out of direct sunlight.  I left them on the counter in a dark corner.img_0681

Look at the my first lentil sprout (follow the black arrow).   Even overnight, some lentils have started to sprout little tails.


By the second day, the sprouting process was more obvious with many tails appearing.img_0686

By the third day, my lentils were sprouted enough for eating.img_0690

I rinsed and drained them once more and stored them in a plastic zip-lock bag, lined with a piece of paper towel to keep them dry.  They should keep up to a week.


So far, I have added them to (clockwise from top left) a lentil curry, chicken salad sandwich, a green salad  and a vegetarian cauliflower stew.  A delicious addition to every meal so far.  Give them a try and enjoy!


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