Black Tahini — time for a new ingredient


Tahini made with white sesame seeds is something I always have on hand but black tahini is a novel item for me.  Not available in local stores, the only place I have seen it for sale is on Amazon.  I read an article recently The Ingredient No One Knows What To Do With Yet and decided — yes, I have to try making this myself!

Black sesame seeds are the unhulled cousin to the white sesame seed.  I have used both for garnish on homemade bread.


I also love tahini on toast drizzled with date molasses (lots of date molasses).tahini_grapemolassesI have never made homemade tahini with white sesame seeds because it is so readily available but black tahini?  I don’t have the commercial equipment to get the best quality finished product but nothing will stop me from trying.


white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds and toasted sesame seed oil

The only two ingredients necessary for this recipe was :

  • 1 cup black sesame seeds
  • 3-5 tbsp. toasted sesame oil

First, I lightly toasted the black sesame seeds in a dry frying pan, just enough until you can smell them, a slightly smoky aroma.  Then turned off the heat right away as I didn’t want to burn them.

Cooled down slightly and poured into my blender.  I ground them the best I could at high speed and then added 1 tablespoon of the sesame oil at a time, and it took 5 tablespoons in all to get the best texture and smoothness.

Wow, what a gorgeous rich black paste.  And a smokier, mustier flavour and aroma than the white sesame tahini. And some of that is due to the toasted sesame oil.  Now what to do with it?


First I played with it — a mix of black and white tahini to decorate a plate.


I use traditional tahini in homemade hummus all the time.  Today I decided to make hummus but substitute the black tahini for the white in the recipe.


I used only 3 tablespoons of tahini but the result was a very deep purple-grey — actually quite unique.IMG_1294

It added an extra element to my mezze (Mediterranean appetizer) dinner.  Two colours of hummus, the ‘regular’ hummus topped with za’atar or sumac, the black hummus topped with black and white sesame seeds.


All part of a colourful, healthy middle-eastern mezze dinner.IMG_3284

Another fun with a new food experiment that turned out successfully.


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