Everything Bagel Spice Blend

This all started with a visit to my parents and I see that my father has sprinkled a spice blend on his fried eggs.  Dad, I say, what type of salt and pepper is that?  He says, it’s an everything bagel spice that your sister brought me from Trader Joe’s in the States.


My dad showing off his fried eggs with everything bagel spice!

So I try it on my eggs and this goes beyond salt and pepper.  The bite of garlic and onion flakes give it a wow factor, blended with sesame and poppy seeds (and of course, salt).  And the flavour reminds me of all the everything bagels that I have ever had!trader joe's bagel seasoning

I head back home and pick up some bagels at the local bagel outlet and this is what their everything bagel looked like.  It was tasty but I missed the garlic and the salt.


There are lots of everything bagel spice blends but I have found this one from The Kitchn website:

Everything Bagel Spice Blend

to share with you.   Equal parts of poppy seeds, onion flakes, garlic flakes, toasted sesame seeds and salt.  All ingredients can be found at a bulk food store.


Simple as that.  You could substitute some of the white sesame seeds with black sesame seeds if you want more visual variety but for taste, this is not necessary.


I sprinkled my everything spice blend on my plain toasted bagel with cream cheese.   Great taste….great memories.


And in a few bites it was gone.

This blend will keep in a sealed jar in the cupboard.  Sprinkle on eggs, toast, cheese, or even hummus.  Enjoy!


  1. Cathy Levine · · Reply

    Thanks Shelley…..I use Trader Joe’s all the time. My favorite is to sprinkle on small Roasted Greek Potatoes …….yummy !

    1. Another brilliant idea for the blend! Thanks, Cathy!

  2. Ellen Gelman · · Reply

    mmmmm delish! love it

    1. Thanks, Ellen. It’s such a versatile blend!

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