Chicken Soup – The Instant Pot Way


My son calls and tells me he is sick.  This is a 26-year-old man but what’s a mother to do?  Make him chicken soup and I need to make it fast.  I love the aroma of chicken soup simmering on the stove top for a few hours but now I have an Instant Pot so why not use it?

My ingredients are the same as always.  Cut up carrots, a couple celery stalks, a handful of parsley, a couple chopped garlic cloves, 2 bay leaves, salt and pepper.  And a whole small chicken.


Vegetables in the Instant Pot liner first.

Followed by the whole chicken, topped with the salt and pepper and bay leaves.  Pour over 8 cups of water and put on the lid and ensure the pressure button is closed.img_5285

See the light in the top left hand corner of the Instant Pot?  Press ‘Soup’.  And that’s all you have to do.  After an initial workup to pressure which takes about 10 minutes, the readout will count down 30 minutes of pressure until it beeps that it is done.  Let it sit an additional 20-30 minutes to let the pressure release naturally.

Perfectly cooked chicken broth with tender chicken meat and vegetables.


A full 8 cups of clear chicken broth drained.

I shredded the entire chicken and saved the carrots also.img_5291

I added all the chicken and carrots back into the broth and it is a great meal in a bowl.  So if you are short on time, the Instant Pot makes a great chicken soup.  Give it a try!




  1. Lesley Harris · · Reply

    I love your conversational way of writing…also I’ve never put a whole chicken in my soup pot…usually pieces! Thanks for the tips.

    1. Thank you! I like to talk as if I’m talking to each reader personally!

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