Basil Mayonnaise


The hot and sunny weather has produced such beautiful basil in my garden.  I have enough for pizza toppings and making pesto.  But enough of pesto…what else can I do with it?


It’s a beautiful shade of green and so fragrant.


I guess I could make a homemade basil mayonnaise but decided on this summer’s day to take a shortcut.  All this recipe needs is a cupful of fresh basil leaves and a 1/2 cup of good mayonnaise of your choice.


Finely chop the basil leaves in a food processor.  It doesn’t have to be pureed, just chopped.


Mix the chopped basil and mayonnaise together.  As simple as that!


What’s in the fridge to make a delicious vegetarian sandwich?  Leftover grilled vegetables, sliced avocado and soft goat cheese.  And, of course, more fresh basil leaves.


Toasted bread of your choice:  my favourite is toasted Rideau Bakery rye bread!  Smear the basil mayonnaise and layer your toppings.


Yum.  A light lunch with all the flavours of summer.  Simple and delicious.  Enjoy!

IMG_6717 (2)


  1. Susan Weisman · · Reply

    Yummmmmmm I was looking to do something with my basil.

    1. Really peps up the mayonnaise! Enjoy!!

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