Turkey Breast in the Instant Pot

Not only have I been enjoying my Instant Pot for main dishes, it has been a significant time saver for preparing cooked beans and legumes from dried, and making soups.  Now I have been enjoying it for making homemade cold cuts.  Instead of buying prepared chicken and turkey slices, some of which have additives, I now pressure cook whole chicken breasts or turkey breasts in my Instant Pot.  Today’s recipe is using one boneless, skinless turkey breast.  At other times, I have replaced the turkey with three boneless, skinless chicken breasts with the same wonderful results.

For additional flavour, the turkey can be sprinkled with any spice that suits your fancy.  Below I have used a chicken paprika-cumin blend that I have made in a previous post, Chicken Spice Blend, but I have also used a mixture of dried herbs or Old Bay Seasoning. Any favourite of yours will do.IMG_7446

Place about 1 1/2 cups of water in the bottom of the insert of your instant pot.  You could substitute chicken or vegetable broth.  Mine happens to be a a mix of both water and vegetable broth.IMG_7448

Place your seasoned turkey breasts on the centre of the insert tray, with handles facing upwards for easier lift out when it is done.  Note that the liquid in the bottom does not touch the turkey.

Set the Pressure manually for 20 minutes on high pressure and go do something else!IMG_7449

After the cycle is over, it will beep.  Let it release the pressure naturally for 15 additional minutes and then release any remaining pressure.


Below is my cooked turkey breast cooling and looking quite awesome.IMG_7452

It is so versatile to have in the fridge.  I sliced some for sandwiches.  It can also be cubed for salads.  Tender and tasty.IMG_7453

Nice to have cooked turkey breast ready to eat in less than an hour.  Give it a try and enjoy your Instant Pot.IMG_7486 (2)

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