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cropped_shelleyHi. I’m Shelley and I love to cook and share my meals with family and friends. I love trying out various cuisines…in the past, I focussed on Indian, then Thai, but this year I’m inspired by Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking. I would love to share my recipes with you. I don’t know where this blog is heading yet, but I look forward to your suggestions and invite you on my culinary journey!


  1. Looking forward to following you and your “delicious” journey! Available for any taste testings!

  2. janie randolph · · Reply

    What a great initiative and look forward to wonderful recipies.
    I do not have harissa for the eggplant recipe. Is there a substitute that I would have in my kitchen?

    1. Hi Janie,
      Harrissa can be found in Middle Eastern supermarkets; however if you have an Aisan chili paste or Sambal Oelek (Indonesian chili paste), it can be substituted.
      I will post an easy homemade Harrissa recipe on the Moroccan Eggplant section for all to see! Shelley

  3. beryl ben-reuven · · Reply

    looking forward to your ideas and your adventure.

  4. tessaflo · · Reply

    This is great! I love the photographs and the step-by-step instructions. Well done! (BTW tessaflo=Florence)

    1. Thank you! If you have any suggestions for future recipes, please ask me!!

  5. Wow, Shelley! You are not only a good cook but also a good photographer. I wish, I could be inspired! Food would taste so much better. I volunteer to taste test!

  6. Great start! Can’t wait to read more and see more of your photos. Lots of fun and delicious too!

  7. Love your blog Shelley, good for you. Keep at it. I wish I had more time for mine too. Jackie

  8. Marcia Cantor · · Reply

    Can’t wait to try your recipes! Good luck with this!
    Now if I can figure out how to follow you, I’ll be in the know!

  9. Cathy · · Reply

    Shelley, you are doing a wonderful job with this blog. The photos and narrative are terrific and I am learning about ingredients that I’ve never heard of before…..and I like to cook! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Cathy. It is my pleasure to share my experiences in cooking with you! If you have any ingredient or recipe that you would like me to research, please get in touch! Shelley

  10. I love the photography and the couscous salad looks soooo good. I will be trying it!

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      So glad you are enjoying!! If you have any questions re: any of the recipes, please get in touch. But stick around, hope to have lots more ideas to entice you! Take care, Shelley

  11. I’m one of the lucky ones fortunate to have tasted your own cooking first hand. Hmmm MMM Delicious!

    1. Well, flattery will get you your next dinner invitation! Thanks and enjoy perusing the site. More to come soon! Shelley

  12. Mara Beth Pomerantz · · Reply

    Just came back from Spain last night (a bit of a jet lag) and decided to follow up to see if you have gotten back and are sharing any tapas recipes. I’m the lady you met in the tapas bar for lunch in Granada! Can’t wait to see if you have any recipe ideas!

    1. Hola Mara Beth!
      So glad you got in touch with me! We got back last Tuesday and we are finally back to ‘normal’. I took lots of photos of all the tapas lunches and dinners we had in Spain and am in the process of trying to emulate these recipes so keep following and there should be some yummy recipes soon to remind you of your holidays, I hope! take care, Shelley

  13. It was a delight to meet and get to know you at FBC2015, Shelley! Not sure why it took me so long to get over to your blog, but I’ll be following along now!

    1. Same here, Marlene. Hard to believe that two months have flown by already. And I’ll be following along on your blog too! Take care and keep in touch! Shelley

  14. Orly Aaron · · Reply

    Hi Shelley,
    Hope all is well. I’m at a Namaat planning meeting and we want to invite you to speak in May some time about your blogging and cooking hobby. The ladies were so impressed by your blog and recipes they asked me to reach you. Looking forward to hearing from you, Orly Aaron
    PS Sarah Beutel says “never mind talk let’s eat!”

    1. How wonderful!! I have e-mailed you to get in touch — call me!! Shelley

  15. marisa · · Reply

    Wow,Shelley…love this blog! Congrats!!! Great recipes and the pics are all making my mouth water. Can’t wait to try them all out. Now that your just back from Italy I hope you’ll share some of the amazing recipes I know you picked up while there. I look forward to your posts.

    1. Thanks Marisa — so glad that you are enjoying!! I plan to post some of the yummy food I had in Italy plus my versions of them. I think I may need your expertise in putting together an Italian meal šŸ™‚ Shelley

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