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Matrimonial Squares, my favourite dessert

I was going to call this post Date Squares but I thought that Matrimonial Squares was more interesting and also called that by the author, Bonnie Stern….because I had to explain to a friend that a few ‘dates’ leads to matrimony!    But whatever you call them, this dessert is my all-time favourite.  Sweet from […]

Chia Pudding

When I invite friends for dinner and they ask me what they can bring, I always ask for dessert.  I would rather make the main course.  Every so often though, I am intrigued by a simple dessert that fits the bill.  Chia pudding is one of these recipes. I keep chia seeds in the house […]

Valentine’s Day Special

Is it ice cream? Is it cake?  No, it’s super-cupcake!  I have a dear friend, Cathy, who is a wonderful cook and an imaginative baker.  She called me and said, “Come over and watch while I prepare a surprise treat for my daughter’s birthday party.  You should blog this!”.  And who am I to refuse […]

Vanilla, the fantastic aromatic in a Ricotta Cappuccino Dessert

Vanilla is delicious. It is one of my favourite aromas and flavours.  I am pleased to share this easy and quick dessert using vanilla and show the various forms of vanilla available in the photo below.  The most popular is the  vanilla extract; it is the crushed seeds of the vanilla pod dissolved in an […]