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Marvelous Moo Shu Tofu

It’s always a fun change of pace to get together with friends and order in Chinese food.  One of my favourite dishes to share is Moo Shu Chicken — chicken with shredded cabbage and other vegetables in a sweet hoisin sauce wrapped in a little wheat pancake.  But today I would like to stay home […]

Tofu Bacon

I dined with a friend for lunch last week to a great vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Pure Kitchen, on Richmond Road in Ottawa, for those of you in town.  And if you come and visit me from out of town, I will take you there.  The food is fresh and delicious and I ordered a tasty sandwich, […]

Faux Feta is Fabulous!

Dinner preparation can sometimes be a challenge, especially if one or more of the folks around your table are vegan, lactose intolerant or have dietary restrictions.   A traditional Greek salad, comprised of tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, black olives and feta cheese is not possible if a dairy-free  feta is not available for those guests. I […]

Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Here is another wonderful cool summer noodle salad with all my favourite Vietnamese flavours.  Fresh crispy vegetables, soft rice noodles and aromatic herbs, all topped with a sauce to hit all the taste buds:  sweet, hot, salty and sour. Ingredients are colourful.  A block of firm tofu, one carrot, one small English cucumber and rice […]

Loveliest Hot and Sour Soup

Soups are a favourite in my household.  I like to keep at least one, sometimes two stocked in the fridge or freezer for a light lunch or dinner.  Also they are excellent to have around to fill you up for a mid-day snack.   I’m always looking for an interesting recipe and today I have found […]

Oodles of Soba Noodles with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Stir-fried dinners are a standard in my home and I’m always looking for a variation on the sauce theme.  Today I’m sharing with you a new flavour for my sauce, the exotic Umeboshi paste.  This stir-fry takes on a Japanese flair with  the combination of soba noodles, tofu, and a sauce enhanced with the piquant […]

Xin Jiang Spice in a Veggie Wrap

Fun with food is my goal. I thought it would be fun to work my way backwards through the alphabet and find at least one spice or spice blend for every letter. Having started with Za’atar and then Yellow Mustard Seed, I was on a mission for ‘X‘. Which brought me to Xin Jiang. Xin […]