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Giant Bean Lasagna

What is it best thing about pizza or lasagna that you love?  Is it the cheese?  Is it the tomato-y sauce?  Is it the blend of cheese and tomato-y sauce? I discovered this delicious recipe that gives you the tastes of pizza or lasagna without the noodles or crust.  The filling is giant lima beans […]

Everything Bagel Spice Blend

This all started with a visit to my parents and I see that my father has sprinkled a spice blend on his fried eggs.  Dad, I say, what type of salt and pepper is that?  He says, it’s an everything bagel spice that your sister brought me from Trader Joe’s in the States. So I […]

Looking Back – My Top Five Posts of 2015

WordPress, who hosts my blog, as a courtesy, sent me a year-end summary of my most visited posts in 2015 and I wanted to share them with you. Although 2015 has been a successful year and I have tried recipes in different directions, what surprised me most is that the top 3 articles of last […]

Food Bloggers Conference of Canada 2013 – Sensational!

I am amazed by all my blogging experiences since I uploaded my first post just a few months ago in January.   My husband assisted in choosing my Spicewife alias.  My sister offered to guide me with her expertise in blogging and copyright law, to ensure that I abide on the path of the virtuous writer.  […]

Welcome to my new blog site!

I love cooking and trying new recipes from different countries….Lately, I have been drawn to Middle Eastern and Moroccan cuisine.  Looking forward to sharing my recipes with you !!