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Ricotta Cheese Pancakes, Memories of Russian Syrniki

Syrniki :  a word that congers up sweet memories of those delicious cheese pancakes I had the pleasure to nosh on in Moscow last August for breakfast at the hotel.  Below, they are beautifully plated but I hope I have plated a close second above with my version adapted from  Smitten Kitchen Every Day by […]

Vanilla, the fantastic aromatic in a Ricotta Cappuccino Dessert

Vanilla is delicious. It is one of my favourite aromas and flavours.  I am pleased to share this easy and quick dessert using vanilla and show the various forms of vanilla available in the photo below.  The most popular is the  vanilla extract; it is the crushed seeds of the vanilla pod dissolved in an […]

Farmer’s Pasta — Grown up Comfort Food

When I was growing up, one of my most memorable lunches was macaroni and cheese: elbow pasta with melted Kraft Velveeta cheese mixed in — I hate to admit this but I thought it was the best lunch ever. From here I graduated to Kraft Dinner for those gourmet university days and I also prepared […]