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Matrimonial Squares, my favourite dessert

I was going to call this post Date Squares but I thought that Matrimonial Squares was more interesting and also called that by the author, Bonnie Stern….because I had to explain to a friend that a few ‘dates’ leads to matrimony!    But whatever you call them, this dessert is my all-time favourite.  Sweet from […]

Chia Pudding

When I invite friends for dinner and they ask me what they can bring, I always ask for dessert.  I would rather make the main course.  Every so often though, I am intrigued by a simple dessert that fits the bill.  Chia pudding is one of these recipes. I keep chia seeds in the house […]

Valentine’s Day Special

Is it ice cream? Is it cake?  No, it’s super-cupcake!  I have a dear friend, Cathy, who is a wonderful cook and an imaginative baker.  She called me and said, “Come over and watch while I prepare a surprise treat for my daughter’s birthday party.  You should blog this!”.  And who am I to refuse […]

Vanilla, the fantastic aromatic in a Ricotta Cappuccino Dessert

Vanilla is delicious. It is one of my favourite aromas and flavours.  I am pleased to share this easy and quick dessert using vanilla and show the various forms of vanilla available in the photo below.  The most popular is the  vanilla extract; it is the crushed seeds of the vanilla pod dissolved in an […]

Summer Berries with Mint-infused Syrup

It’s a warmer than usual sunny day in August. The farmers markets are filled with locally picked berries. And so are all the supermarkets and produce stores. All the recipes for muffins, loaves and desserts look so inviting but….it’s a warmer than usual sunny day in August. Let’s serve the berries as naked as possible […]