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Indian Seasoned Fish Cakes

When I found this Bonnie Stern Recipe inspired by a Vij Vikram recipe, owner of Vij’s modern Indian restaurant in Vancouver, I couldn’t resist trying it out.  I was at Vij’s in June, 2013 and I was so excited to have the chance to eat there.  In her book Friday Night Dinners Bonnie Stern shares […]

Thai Green Curry with Poached Cod

It’s just one of those frigid Ottawa days and I need to make something to warm me right down to my bones.  And I had some fresh cod in the fridge and some coconut milk in the pantry.  I search through my recipe folder and lo and behold, I find this intriguing Green Thai Curry […]

Salmon in Chraimeh Sauce

I have to be one of the greatest fans of the Ottolenghi/Tamimi series of cookbooks.  Each book has the most beautifully photographed recipes and meals.  And the covers of these cookbooks are padded which makes them a joy to hold and peruse at leisure. I have prepared so many of the recipes and they each […]

My Moroccan Food-alogue – Part 4 Marrakech and Essaouira

Welcome back, folks.  This is the last instalment of my Moroccan food travels.  It is not, however, the end of trying to replicate all the foods that I sampled while traveling.  Just to keep my thoughts in chronological order, I must tell you that three days of touring and photographing are missing from this food […]

No-Crab Crab Cakes, No Kidding

I love an easy summer dinner.  An easy summer dinner that I can prepare in advance to last for a couple of meals.   Salmon patties are always nice but time for a change.  And these no-crab crab cakes fit the bill. All in favour? Great. It’s unanimous. Imitation crabmeat is made from mostly Alaskan pollock  […]

There’s the Salmon Rub

It’s summer. It’s barbecue season It’s time for salmon. Salmon cooks quickly and is very versatile when it comes to seasoning. While on holidays a couple weeks ago in Alaska, I ate salmon every day. On one of the day stopovers, I picked up a pamphlet from the Alaska Seafood Board on various rubs and […]

When in Alaska, Eat Salmon!

I am on a magnificent scenic cruise in Alaska. In the clear and crisp air, we gazed in awe at the glaciers in Glacier Bay. We were fortunate to see orca and humpback whales, harbour seals, a brown bear and bald eagles, in their natural habitat. Taking a tour of Skagway and enjoying the sights […]