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Lentil Sprouts

Who would have thought how simple it is to make your own lentil sprouts at home?  And not only simple, but a great source of added vitamins, digestibility and protein to any salad, sandwich, soup, or stew.  A wonderful source of information and recipes using lentils can be found on Lentils.org, the Canadian Lentil Board […]

Mediterranean Lentil Pasta Salad with Goat Cheese

Another wonderful salad for a summer’s day.  I love one bowl meals and this salad includes all the components to meet my needs:  Green lentils and goat cheese for protein, pasta for carbs, and lots of colourful vegetables. For those of you who would like to include more vegetarian meals into your diet, 2016 has […]

My Amazing Vegetarian Indian Experience

I am trying to increase the non-animal protein component in my diet for health, and my cholesterol levels.  Because I love Indian cuisine and I love Madhur Jaffrey’s cooking (two of her recipes on previous posts: her garam masala spice blend and Lentil Soup, a Lovely Soup), what could be better than to delve into […]

Spiced Lentils with Something ‘Egg’stra

This recipe, adapted from thekitchn blog is a wonderful, high-protein quick lunch, combining lentils and an egg.  The ingredients for the lentil dish are red lentils and chana dal (a yellow split lentil, available at an Indian supermarket, however split yellow peas can be substituted), chicken or vegetable broth, garlic, shallots and garam masala. Garam […]

Turkish Red Lentil Soup

A friend of mine travelled to Turkey recently and asked me which spice she could pick up for me at the Istanbul Spice Market.  There is something exhilarating (at least for me) to obtain a spice from its country of origin instead of buying it locally.  And lucky for me, since I was not going […]

Harira Soup with Chicken

I was fortunate to try this delicious Harira soup in Morocco on a couple occasions.  It is thick and hearty, one-dish meal in a bowl that is traditionally eaten during Ramadan to break the fast.  Traditionally prepared with lamb,  I was hoping to find a version vegetarian or with chicken, of which there were many […]

Lentil Soup, a Lovely Soup

What ingredients do you have stored away in your pantry? Or freezer? Or fridge? What do you need to use up first before it goes bad or gets freezer burn? I have chicken broth in the fridge left over from a previous recipe and fresh cilantro, which deteriorates pretty quickly when it has been forgotten […]

Mujedrah, Mejadra, Megadarra……

Any way you pronounce it, it is a beautifully balanced dish of fried onions, brown lentils and rice. I found recipes from Syria, Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon…brown rice or white rice, spiced or bland. Recipes varied in the ratio of lentils to rice: some had double the amount of lentils to rice while others had […]