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Marvelous Maple Almond Butter

I don’t like peanut butter.  I like peanuts but I don’t like peanut butter.  However I love almonds and almond butter.  Especially this recipe where the almonds are coated in maple syrup, a little salt and then roasted, cooled and ground.  If you own a food processor or powerful blender, this almond butter is for […]

Salmon with Maple Syrup and Mustard

I love salmon fillets.  They are blank palettes for adding flavour before broiling, baking or barbequing.  And so simple.  This salmon requires just two additional ingredients: maple syrup and mustard; but I could not decide whether to use Dijon mustard or Dijon whole grain mustard with the syrup.  I decided to use both, not together but side […]