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Moroccan Chicken Pastilla

Pastilla (pronounced pas-tee-ya), also known as bastilla or basteeya, is a savoury-sweet Moroccan meat pie made by filling a phyllo pastry with a mixture of spiced braised poultry, eggs, and ground almonds. It is the national dish of the city of Fes in Morocco. There are many variations on the layering and spicing of the […]

Moroccan Carrot Spread with Pistachio-Coconut Dukkah

Unexpected company is coming over and what do you have around for an appetizer?  Hummus is always an easy backup but it is time to find something new.  This Moroccan Carrot Spread will fill that something new.  And topped with a Pistachio Dukkah, an aromatic Egyptian blend of nuts, seeds and spices, you will have […]

Chicken Kebabs, Moroccan Style

One of my favourite meals in Morocco was the street food in the Marrakesh medina.  Walking down the streets, I could not help but savour the aroma of the grilling kebabs at the food stalls.  Today, I share with you a Moroccan spice blend for marinating chicken kebabs for the barbeque. The dry ingredients are […]

Harira Soup with Chicken

I was fortunate to try this delicious Harira soup in Morocco on a couple occasions.  It is thick and hearty, one-dish meal in a bowl that is traditionally eaten during Ramadan to break the fast.  Traditionally prepared with lamb,  I was hoping to find a version vegetarian or with chicken, of which there were many […]

Moroccan Carrots

From the same wonderful Balaboosta cookbook as the Spicy Chicken Tagine, which I shared with you previously, this is a marvelous side dish. The recipe says it serves 4 to 6 but I had 10 people for dinner and each mouthful has a kick of flavour and there was more than enough for 10. Moroccan […]

A Spicier Chicken Tagine

I love discovering new cookbooks and recipes.  Recently, my sister lent me her new cookbook called Balaboosta, by Einat Admony, who owns with her husband, the restaurant of the same name in New York City. Balaboosta is a Yiddish term denoting the perfect homemaker, wife, mother and cook. That should conjure up the aromas and […]

There’s the Salmon Rub

It’s summer. It’s barbecue season It’s time for salmon. Salmon cooks quickly and is very versatile when it comes to seasoning. While on holidays a couple weeks ago in Alaska, I ate salmon every day. On one of the day stopovers, I picked up a pamphlet from the Alaska Seafood Board on various rubs and […]