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Spiced Beef Kefta, Moroccan Style

My favourite foods to prepare are the ones that conjure up aromatic and tasty meals that I have eaten on our travels.  In fact, I like to choose the countries that we travel to by researching in advance the local cuisine.  One of my fondest holidays of all times was Morocco in September 2013; I […]

Golden Vegetable Couscous

Good morning folks.  Driving to the gym in Ottawa this morning, I watched the temperature drop from -1°C (30°F) to -18°(0°F) in only four minutes, pulling out of my garage to pulling into the parking lot at GoodLife Fitness.  But what a great way to warm up and kick start my day. So I’m glad […]

Loubia – Baked Beans, Moroccan Style

Here I go returning to Moroccan cooking, trying to emulate another dish we tried while touring the country.  When we ordered assorted mixed salads for a lunch or dinner, there was always at least one bean or legume salad in the group: sometimes white beans, sometimes chickpeas and sometimes lentils.  The white bean salad is […]

Moroccan Eggplant-Tomato Salad

Back in Morocco; I want to share with you another of the typical salads.  Eggplant was a popular ingredient in many of  the assorted salads courses we had, and this one was one of the first tried on our travels (see Part 1 of my Moroccan Food-alogue). I found this delicious and colourful eggplant salad recipe in […]

My Moroccan Food-alogue – Part 4 Marrakech and Essaouira

Welcome back, folks.  This is the last instalment of my Moroccan food travels.  It is not, however, the end of trying to replicate all the foods that I sampled while traveling.  Just to keep my thoughts in chronological order, I must tell you that three days of touring and photographing are missing from this food […]

My Moroccan Food-alogue – Part 3 Merzouga and Rissani

Since we are heading into their home town, I will like to you to introduce you to the most wonderful tour people from Merzouga that made our trip a reality: from Morocco Expert Tours : Hamid and Youssef, our tour guides, and Mohammed, our driver.  These folks customized our tour from day one with unique […]

My Moroccan Food-alogue Part 2 – Fes

One Night and Day in Fes We stopped at a supermarket in Fes to pick up a bottle of wine before heading to our riad.  Interesting that  the spices are sold in giant bins, just like the souks! Our riad was in the medina, the fortressed part of the old city. It was like finding a […]