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Chicken Spice Blend, Israeli Style

My favourite places to visit when I am traveling are the local souks and markets.  I love the bustling of the merchants at their stalls and watching tourists and customers checking out produce and wares.  When I was in Israel a few years ago, the huge market of Machane Yehudah in Jerusalem was a favourite […]

Z is for Za’atar

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern Spice blend. The name of the blend comes from the herb of the same name, za’atar,  which is in the thyme family of herbs, whose leaves are ground into the blend with ground sumac and toasted sesame seeds to create a beautiful olive green powder with sesame seeds. This exotic seasoning is great […]

Ras El Hanout: Moroccan Spice Blend

Ras El Hanout is a blend of aromatic, sweet and hot spices…the name is Arabic for “head of the shop” and each shop has its own signature mixture of the best spices the seller has to offer. There is not one particular blend but an intricate combination of up to 50 spices. Why have I […]