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Za’atar Spiced Almonds

Good day, folks.  Sometimes I am just looking for that ‘something extra’….a topping for a salad, a sprinkle for hummus or a little snack in the middle of the day. Lucky me, I came across this recipe in a cookbook  called Soframiz .  These za’atar spiced almonds are savoury and spicy and have an herby flavour […]

Spanish Meatballs in Golden Saffron and Almond Sauce

We are back from a week in Andalusia, southern Spain.  A week packed with touring, exploring, hiking and of course, food.  I made a bucket list of all the food-related items that were a must-see and must-eat while I was there and I fulfilled most of that list.  From  fruity Spanish olive oil and various […]

Amlou — Almond Butter, Moroccan-Style

Alright, I confess. I am an internet junkie when it comes to searching food websites and blogs for something special. Something unique. Something different. It is a challenge to run across a recipe that has an ingredient that I have never used or even heard of before now. Once, instead of perusing a cookbook for […]