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A Spicier Chicken Tagine

I love discovering new cookbooks and recipes.  Recently, my sister lent me her new cookbook called Balaboosta, by Einat Admony, who owns with her husband, the restaurant of the same name in New York City. Balaboosta is a Yiddish term denoting the perfect homemaker, wife, mother and cook. That should conjure up the aromas and […]

My Moroccan Food-alogue – Part 1 Casablanca to Meknes

Mint Tea and the Road Trip I just had the most wonderful journey to Morocco for two weeks. I choose my holiday destinations by the food I like to cook. Exotic ideas of tagines, chicken pastilla and couscous…couldn’t wait to taste authentic versions in their place of origin. My husband and I booked a private […]

Tagine Cuisine – Perfect for 4 or 14

One pot meals are my favourite way to serve a tableful of family and friends.  Everyone pitches in to help the person next or across from them at the table; there is talking and sharing and camaraderie.  Plates are passed around to be filled and re-filled with stews or curries, or in this case, tagines.  Although […]